Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hurry Up and...Wait!

One reason I love being in a classroom environment is that the day is never short of AH HA moments.  I was training to be a substitute teacher in a nearby progressive elementary school and chose to spend the first part of my day in one of my favorite classes, Kindergarten.  

If you hang around Kindergartners, you already know you are instantly welcomed into their community.  They open themselves up to you without question, eagerly discussing their home life, favorite colors and what they packed for lunch.  You also know that getting eighteen Kindergartners dressed and out for recess is no easy feat, especially when it's winter. 

I was quickly swallowed up by the

snowsuitbootsmittenshatscarf dance.   

Consumed with attempting to get the children ready for recess, I felt the rush of adrenalin and "THERE IS A FIRE!" like urgency to herd them out the door.  “I see snowsuits without bodies in them!” I exclaimed in the direction of three boys facing the window.

The Kindergarten teacher knelt down next to them and said, “You’re looking at our science experiments in the window.  They are really neat, aren’t they?” 

Three glass jars of water containing three different vegetables half way submerged, had sprouted roots. 

One of the boys responded, “Yea, I like this one, because in the jar, the potato looks huge!” Then, the other boys chimed in with their own observations. 


Nurturing curiosity isn't always convenient.   The opportunity often arises in short bursts and interrupts even the most well planned transitions.  

I was so preoccupied with my agenda, I did not see children fascinated with their science experiments, I saw children failing to put on their snowsuits. If only I remembered to pause and look closely, I would have seized the opportunity to learn about the thoughts and interests of these three children. 

 Did you ever set aside your agenda to pause with your children and in return, learn something?  

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